DaisyDisk App Reviews

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Great app, but...

Nice application, just add the RETINA resolution please :)

impossible to use new interface ….

Impossible to drag a disk in the new interface … so bad ….

Fast, beautiful and super useful

One of my favourite utility app.

Really good

Perfect insight on the disk usage.

Really great but a little be expensive

This is a really great app for show your disk space usage, the app has a perfect UX and a fresh UI. But I don’t think I will ever contact the support for this kind of app, so I found the price a little bit expensive in that regards.

Great app!

Ive used other apps which are similar to DaisyDisk, but none are so easy to use and so stylish - the one complaint I had was that the price was a little steep, but for $9.99 it is a great buy.

A great app

This app really helps when you want to know where and which are the biggest files in your hard drive.

Apple kills the apps

Guys, the disappearence of the scan button is a sandbox restriction by apple. Its a one-time issue and you could easily fix this with dropping the drive once, or just install the standalone version which will detect the appstore installed one. Awesome app ;)



Rip Off

Downloaded first the trial version from web. This showed a huge cluster of unknown/blocked disc-space, but could not dig into it. Therefore I bougth the full version which then did not showed me this cluster.

Very useful app!

I find this app to be really useful (especially since 256GB on my MacBook are pretty limited) to see what is filling my disk. It visualizes exactly which files and folders are taking up how much space and gives you a possibility to mark them for deletion right in the app, which instantly updates the graphics.

Great, intuitive UI and incredibly usefull

For all who struggle with diskspace like myself it’s a great way to effectivley identify and delete the data you can spare.

Slick UI and works great

The title says it all.

Terrific app.

Came home from the weekend and found my "startup disk" has run out of space. Funny since when I left it had over 100 GB of space left. Immediately bought DaisyDisk and within 30 sec found that the problem was due to a run away app that filled up GB of ASL and Kernal log files. After finding out the cause I used DaisyDisk to delete the offending log files by dragging to collect and within a few minutes had my hard drive back. Fantastic app!!

good but too expensive.

$9.99 is too expensive for this type of app. I didnt realize until after I bought it that you can get OmniDiskSweeper from OmniGroup free to do the same thing.


This is the best disk scanning utility that I have seen in a while. It has kind of the same principles as Gemini, although instead of finding duplicates, it lets you find the largest files on your computer. And, did I mention, as a UI Designer, this apps interface makes me drool. :)

Great UI

I thought the UI would be hokey. What could this app do that OmniDiskSweeper could not? I was wrong. The UI was great. You can drill down to the relevant files quickly. I found this very intuitive and informative. I only wish I could have selected multiple files for deletion.

Quickest and easiest of its kind

This is the quickest way to free up disk space on a Mac. And yes, it is much better than the competition.

please stop tryign to get me to rate you

rating pop ups in the app are very annoying

Doesnt open in retina macbook pro

Not sure why, but its not opening. Might be an issue with the computer waking from sleep.

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